Constantly Congested Traffic

Living in Melbourne means encountering traffic almost everywhere you go. You’d be hard pressed to drive ten minutes down the road without sitting in traffic at least once. It’s a bit of a nightmare, to be honest. In some places it could take you twenty minutes to drive somewhere a mere two kilometres away. 

Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere less busy, like Adelaide or Perth. I have family in Perth who actively choose to drive to the city at night. If we did that here in Melbourne, it would take us fifteen minutes to get around the corner. I don’t know anyone in Melbourne that would willingly drive to the city, it’s unpleasant and practically impossible. I know traffic is busier in Melbourne because we have a significantly higher population than Perth, but surely we can find a way to fix this congestion. It’s getting too much to be liveable. We need a traffic management plan for Melbourne, that takes every factor into account and makes a difference to how we travel. I’m not sure what needs to be done other than that there needs to be less cars on the road. Does fixing public transport come into traffic plans? I’ll take seriously anything at this point.

I don’t know any traffic impact assessment consultants personally, but I’d befriend one if it meant I could convince someone to do something. I know without a doubt that they have a much more difficult job than I do. It would be a lot of pressure and they’ve done well thus-far in managing traffic flow, but most of our roads are outdated and need fixing. Surely they can get together with the engineers and work out something that is going to make a positive difference. I have faith in these people. I know everything I say is easier said than done, but I believe they can do it. Especially if enough of us advocate for it.