Aw, you clicked onto this page to learn about me? Oh, stop it, you!

I’m Tom Majors, known online as the positive vibe crusader Major Music. The world is awash with breakup songs, ‘relationship-on-the-rocks’ songs, and just a host of sad minor keys that saturate soundtracks because people think it has more ‘gravitas’.

So it became my mission to prove that ‘gravitas’ does not equal ‘dark and sad’. I seek out the happiest, most uplifting tracks I can find, those that inspire and make you feel powerful, as well as the ones that tug on your heartstrings and cause you to believe in the power of love, and happy fun party times.

I suppose it all got started when I first heard Beethoven’s Ode to Joy when I was a child. I was bowled over by the positivity; it was like someone had take the entire concept of ‘uplifting’ and distilled it into music. I forgot about losing my ball over the fence, I forgot Samantha Winters bullying me during playtime, I forgot about the guilt of eating my unborn twin brother. While that song was playing, I felt only good things, like the rest of the world had floated away.

From that day forward, I resolved to share this mindset with the world, and my hunt for the world’s most positive music was on.

When I’m not running Major Music I like to take long walks with my golden retriever Andante, practice my capoeira performances and stare up at the stars while listening to soft, hopeful piano music. I also play the triangle in my local alternative orchestra.

I welcome any and all suggestions for new music, provided it’s in the major key.