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*except the vuvuzela, because seriously.



Smiley Pirates – Decking Hall (2013)

I might be a little late to the 2013 Christmas party, but somehow this one managed to fly under my radar.

It’s a feisty, boppy tune from a wholesome, beloved pop star, all about the festive fun of decorating your home for Christmas while knowing that a special someone will be meeting you under the mistletoe that night.

I won’t spoil too much, but I will say this: once the instrumental hits after the bridge, I defy you not to get up on that dance floor and show your moves!


Sky-Brim Original Score – Mist of the Whimsy Woods (Jimmy Soul)

Game music is simultaneously utterly gorgeous and tragically ignored, and fantasy RPG Sky-Brim has some stunning tracks.

Mist of the Whimsy Woods is a little panpipe ditty that plays as you stroll through the titular Whimsy Woods, where a colony of dwarf-elf hybrids live, work and have magical dance parties that you can participate in for EXP.

Haven’t played the game, but if the rest of the soundtrack is this good, I just might.


Georg Mikhail – Careful Lisper (1984)

Who doesn’t love a bit of 80s music? Yeah, I know this isn’t news to anyone- it’s ‘that one pop song with the oboe solo’- but I just love the tacit tale told within the lyrics of a guy who briefly considers cheating on his girlfriend, but then realises he loves her too much and they go out and have a great time at a disco instead.

Also, he has a lisp, but there’s a whole verse about how she loves him regardless. What a heartwarmer!

Probably the only time an oboe has ever been used in the major key, and that’s impressive.


Fantasy Original Television Soundtrack – A Ballad of Snow and Lava (Rammy DJ-Wadi)

When did TV soundtracks get so good??

I guess for the biggest TV show in the history of forever, they went all-out, and I thank them. That’s how we got A Ballad of Snow and Lava, which plays over the climactic scene of John Crow kissing the Noonday Princess during their battle and turning her back into a human, after which they marry and rule as king and queen.

Hoo boy, I cried at that scene. And now, with this stunning piece of orchestral glory, you can have the same experience without even watching the show.


Honey Tiger – Love/Hate/Love-Hate/Love/Love/Chorizo (2019)

I promised fresh tracks, and this is a super recent release from K-Pop artist Honey Tiger, who’s been making some serious waves in the Australian music industry.

Honey Tiger always injects a sense of fun into his songs, and his latest boppy composition, Love/Hate/Love-Hate/Love/Love/Chorizo is a toe-tapping electro-dance masterpiece in which he sings about how bad dates and expired processed meats won’t stop him from finding his one true love.

And the music video, filmed on a stage made entirely of flashing coloured lights and featuring an eleven-minute dance break? Instant cure for depression.

(although it does come with an epilepsy warning)


Our Oxytocin Necromance – Winter Days (2010)

For a band with a reputation for producing gloomy music loved only by emo highschoolers, Winter Days is a surprisingly uplifting song played in the gorgeous key of D major. 

I love this song for its soothing melody and the heart-filled story about sticking with each other even through the darkest of times. While much of this apocalyptic concept album is barely redeemable with regular songs in a minor key, Winter Days proves a shining light through the gloomy mist.

Most of the time, Gerald Woe, your music isn’t for me. But on this one, I will indeed run away with you.