December Feels

Can’t a guy get a couple of days to himself once in a while? Apparently not, if my current schedule is anything to go by. ‘Tis the season to be busy, it seems. Still, I’m starting to get over always having relatives visiting, or else having a trip that I planned months ago pop in my calendar, decimating my plans to mow the law and reorganise my garage over the weekend. 

For example, I’d only just reset myself after hosting my cousin and her fiance for three nights last week when I realised that I’ve been booked in to visit my aunt in Toowoomba on Friday. Foolishly, I booked my 4WD in for diesel tuning on the same day, so I’ll have to borrow, hire or steal a car. Thursday evening will be eaten up with getting that sorted, and I won’t be back in Brisbane until Sunday evening – so, once again, no weekend for this guy. And no, a weekend with my aunt doesn’t count as a weekend – trust me. 

Unless… if I could track down some diesel mechanics around Toowoomba, I might be able to at least save myself the hassle of borrowing and returning a car. That way I can drop off dad’s coffee table – the whole point of the exercise – before dropping the 4WD off at the shop, and get a lift back to my aunt’s place. I won’t have a vehicle to run myself around in, but knowing my aunt, there won’t be much time for that amongst the incessant nattering and recruiting me to do odd jobs for her friends. 

Anyway, doing it that way would buy me Thursday and Sunday evenings to myself, which might be just enough time to enjoy some quality time in the garage, catching up on some well-earned TV. That might sound desperate, but that little bit of extra spare time is nothing to be sniffed at, I’m telling you.