Fish Glasses

The Don stared out of the window, taking in his incredible view of a sunset-lit city. A small scowl burrowed its way onto his features, as he slowly shook his head.

‘How am I supposed to trust you, Vito?’ he finally asked with a sigh. ‘In this action, you have proven yourself to be… untrustworthy.’

‘I’m sorry, Don,’ Vito said frantically, pulling against the restraints that kept him locked to the cheap folding chair. ‘I swear to you, I didn’t—’

‘Swear to me?’ the Don said, turning around to frown at Vito directly. ‘Your days of swearing to me are over. If I were you, I’d start swearing to my Almighty instead.’

‘Don, please, it’s my eyesight! I’ve been looking for an optometrist near Brighton who offers good eye care, but—’

‘I think what offends me most,’ the Don said slowly, ‘–and I am not an easily offended man…’

The room of armed men quickly muttered their agreement.

‘What offended me most was the… extremity of the lie. You could have told me that my car was stolen. That you were robbed at gunpoint. Hell,’ he chuckled, ‘you could have told me that you’d stripped it for parts.’

‘Don, please—’

‘But to tell me you couldn’t see where you’d parked it? Now, that’s just upsetting.’

‘Boss, I’ll do anything,’ Vito squirmed. ‘My kid just started seeing a behavioural optometrist near me, I’ll do that, I’ll go with her, I’ll do whatever it takes!’

‘Your attempt at reminding me you have a daughter has been noted,’ the Don rolled his eyes, bringing a cigar up to his lips. ‘Ricky, Bobby, go deal with this snake.’

Vito cried out as the two men advanced closer and closer.

‘Boss, wait!’ a new voice called out from the stairs.

‘What is it?’

‘The car, Boss,’ the man on the stairs puffed. ‘Vito’s car – we found it!’

‘Where?’ the Don frowned.

‘It was parked out front!’

‘Out front of where?’

‘Of here, Don!’

The Don fixed Vito with a withering glare.

‘You idiot,’ he shook his head – then nodded at Ricky and Bobby to carry on.