Time for a Scoop!

I’m back, see! Can’t keep a good reporter down for long, even if I wasn’t so much ‘down’ as I was lying on a beach in Brisbane. Down in elevation, I guess, but I’m back in good old Melbourne town and on the trail of the biggest scoop of my career, see!

That vigilante is out there, I tells ya. She’s beatin’ up crooks with her piston fists, and I’m gonna get the low-down on how she gets it done, see. Until then? I got myself a side gig – keeps the lights on. Readers of Time Management Training Weekly need to know exactly what’s being done, all around Australia, to make sure people are managing their time more effectively. New developments! Gadgets! Gizmos! Widgets! Gidgets! Courses in time management, big and small, short and long, intense and chill. The time management industry is taking off like you wouldn’t believe, and why shouldn’t it be? All those others companies are out there, wasting time and skiving off. Procrastinating over all kinds of things, frittering their productivity down the drain. Meanwhile, the folks offering time management courses are practically superheroes. They have the superpower of taking their every second and using it more effectively. Time is the greatest resource in the world, and these folks have a boatload of it. They’re like trillionaires living in a slum. And people wanna know about it.

This new boss is a real ‘nose to the grindstone’ kinda guy, but that makes sense. He doesn’t waste a single second of the day, which has made Time Management Training Weekly the best-selling corporate magazine in the country. Although Sales Management Courses Monthly is a pretty keen competitor. We got the sales time, they got the sales talent, see!

McGee, get me a story stuffed full’a stats on why procrastination is the big company killer! McGee, I want metrics on how much company time is wasted on looking at pictures of cats! 

McGee, get me pictures of Spider-Man!


-Scoop McGee, ace reporter