A Driving Tragedy

Everyone in my community is so upset by the tragic event that I wrote about in my last blog post. It’s been a couple of days since we heard the news and more information about the boy who was killed has come to light. I won’t go into the details that I’ve heard because I want to respect the family and the boy who passed away, but I can tell you that it is truly tragic. 

I urge everyone to hold their loved ones close in these extremely tough times. Tell your kids you love them; tell your siblings; tell your parents; tell your friends and family. Tell them that you appreciate them and that you are lucky to have them. Make everyone in your life feel loved because you never truly know when they will be taken from you forever, or you, taken from them. It breaks my heart.

Take this as a reminder to also get your car serviced regularly. Get that urgent clutch repair in the Raceview area like you know you need to. Don’t put it off. If you put it off you put yourself, everyone else and pedestrians in danger. It would be a gut-wrenching, sickening feeling to know that you could have done something to prevent the life of someone around you from being lost. Do what you can to preserve the precious life that we all have. One wrong move could take away what you have, or what someone else has, forever. Don’t let not visiting the mechanic local to Raceview be the mistake that you regret forever.

Sorry, I’m just really emotional right now. This whole situation is so tragic and unfair. Things like this shouldn’t happen and people shouldn’t be taken from this Earth too young. This boy had his entire life ahead of him and it got ripped away in a heartbeat. One moment he was here buying ingredients for dinner, and the next minute he was gone. 

I am so sad. May he Rest In Peace and his family recover.