Agapanthus for foliage

Agapanthus are a fine choice for greenery.

Today we help Brooke M with her question about agapanthus. We enlisted the help of two experts, our usual gardening expert Leroy James, and colour consultant Patricia Wright.

Brooke reached out to us via text to ask her question. While we do enjoy hearing the buzz of a text message coming through, we do ask dear Brooke to please let up on the text speak. Proper English only in future, please.

Brooke asks if agapanthus are an appropriate choice for foliage in her garden. For those who do not know, agapanthus flowers are colourful, with different varieties having blue, purple, pink and white large flowers.

Leroy says:

Dear Brooke,

I think agapanthus are a lovely choice for your garden’s greenery. The deep green of the leaves is a neutral choice, and the flowers add an interesting focal point. The beauty of agapanthus is that they are so easy to grow. You can plant them in terrible soil and forget to water them, and they will still be okay. Agapanthus are ideal for lining your driveway, and they grow reasonably quickly. Best of luck with your gardening.

Kind regards,

Leroy James


Colour consultant Patricia, who designs and provides advice on colour schemes in a number of industries, concurs with Leroy’s advice and offers some suggestions for choosing colours. Patricia says:

Brooke, you did not specify what colour of agapanthus you are considering. This is a common issue that I encounter as a colour consultant, and I will do my best to provide some general advice. You should consider the colour of the agapanthus, midnight cascade for example is a deep blue or purple, with subtle hints of white. It is therefore best to be planted near other white flowering plants. Do consider the colour of your house too; an orange brick house will look best with a light purple variety.


Patricia Wright, colour consultant.