Car trouble timing

Has anyone else noticed that cars tend to break down at the worst time possible? It’s always when you’re in a rush or your car is far from home or you’re in the middle of a freeway. Well, the other day my friend who lives an hour away from me decided to drive to my house to pick me up so we can drive into the city. We’re both jazz musicians and we had a performance that night so we figured it made sense for him to drive to my house and pick me up so then we could drive onwards to the gig. After packing his car we tried to turn it on and it would not start. Initially, we thought we would need to find a transmission repair mechanic in Midland to help us with the car. Then we spoke to a few friends and they seemed to think the issue might have been the battery or the starter motor. Eventually, we gave up working on the car so we left it out the front of my house and caught a bus to the gig. We decided it would become ‘tomorrow’s problem’.

The next day we thought we’d try a few things to get the car going again. When I say a few things, I mean mainly one thing. We tried about five times to jumpstart the car but nothing worked. My friend eventually decided that it might be best to just call up a roadside car repair to come by and check the problem. When the guy arrived he seemed to believe that the car needed an alternator repair. He managed to do some quick and temporary fix to get the car started but my friend will definitely need to get the alternator replaced if he wants his car to be drivable in the long term. I know it’s probably bad to say, but I’m just glad it’s not me who is having these issues.