Keeping teeth clean

Crowded teeth can be so bad for our gums, it’s easy to not even realise that’s the case. Up until I had braces, my gums always looked really red. I thought that was normal in all honesty. I never really paid attention to other people’s gums so I just figured that everyone had bright red gums. Braces helped rectify that problem.

Another thing braces did was teach me the importance of good hygiene practices. I remember being in high school and looking at other students with braces who had heaps of plaque build up around the hardware and remnants of their last dinner wrapped tightly around the wire. I promised myself to never be that person. I wound up brushing my teeth after every meal and carrying a smaller brush to help clean in between the wire and my teeth. I’d also floss and rinse regularly. I started developing a fairly consistent routine of positive hygiene practices. This was all 10 years ago but I still have a very regular and thorough teeth cleaning routine. I believe there are many benefits of preventative dental treatment so at least once a year I visit the dentist for a check-up and cleaning.

My dentist tells me that he has very few customers who are regular with their appointments. Most people only get their teeth checked when they feel pain or have cosmetic damage. I think that’s a shame as we should be protecting our teeth now to prevent further damage when we reach old age. It can be hard to get to a dentist. Bayside, where I live, has a dentist office near me so I’m lucky. There are so many dentists around but it can be hard to find a good one. I’m just glad I’ve found one who is trustworthy, reasonably priced and has great attention to detail.

Here’s to having a nice smile for the rest of my life.