Commendable Mechanical Work

Another update! Sorry that I haven’t updated you guys in a couple of days. I know I told you that I’d update you at every major city, but I wasn’t expecting to need suspension repairs in Cambridge that would set me back over five hours. Five hours is a lot when you’re literally racing for the quickest time to drive around the country. 

I’m now three and a half days into my trip and I’ve made it to Brisbane. My car is currently at the local mechanic to get checked over and I’m doing what I’ve done everywhere and having something to eat and taking a nap. I am so grateful that I got a car service in Cambridge. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to get to Brisbane. I probably wouldn’t have even been able to get on the boat back to the mainland. 

I’m not going to jinx myself this time, which means I’m not going to make a hypothesis about what state my car will be in when I pick it up from the mechanic. I’m a superstitious person and I don’t want to do or say anything that will cause me any more stress during my drive around Australia.

I just picked up my car and everything is all good! The mechanic said my car is in perfect condition and commended the work that the car mechanic in Cambridge did. I didn’t have time to give the mechanic any details about the mechanic in Cambridge, but I made a mental note to call both mechanics when I got back to Melbourne to introduce them over the phone. I’m sure they will both find it beneficial. 

I’m about to leave Brisbane and drive to Darwin. I won’t have any time to update you guys in between Darwin and Melbourne, but I promise to update you once I’m back. I’ve suffered some setbacks already since the beginning of my trip, but from adversity comes strength. I am strong.