Regular Car Servicing

I only recently got my license, and I’m obsessed with the freedom it brings. I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on by having to rely on rideshare services, public transportation or friends. Now, I can go literally anywhere I want, whenever I want. 

The first time I realised just how good it is having a license and a car was last week. I was finishing work on a Friday and had to go straight to a party, because that’s what being young and 23 is all about. Usually, I’d have to tee up a time with my friends or stress over ordering a ride whilst working and then trying to get out of work in time to not make my ride wait too long and have to pay extra money. It was always extremely stressful, but last week, I didn’t have to do any of that. It was 100x easier than anything else I’ve ever experienced. 

After spending so long without a car, I never want to be without one again. That’s why I have vowed to never delay getting a car service. Bentleigh has plenty of car service workshops and so I have no excuse to ever go without getting one. It’ll be better to be without my car for a couple of hours, rather than me skipping the car service and something blowing up. That could put my car out of action for weeks, which is something I never want to experience. 

I won’t even put off servicing something that isn’t vital, like getting a car air conditioning service. Moorabbin can get hot in summer, and seeing as I’ll be driving so much now, I may as well keep my car in working order. 

I finally understand how much I missed out on the last five years. I’m extremely keen to make up for lost time and drive as much as I can. I’m so excited.