Focus, Divided…

I asked Master Tiger Sun the other day if we were ever going to learn how to use martial arts to control the elements. He laughed and said that wasn’t actually possible…using Albajerian methods. Shaolin monks were the ones to talk to about that; his methods were about harnessing one’s inner spirit animal. 

Gosh, I feel so silly, but I guess it’s because I’m new. You’ve got Yun-Jong over there vaporizing dummies with his Pterodactyl Wing Scythe, Nina causing the building to shake with her Power-of-a-Hundred Centipede Stomp, and I’m still connecting with my inner platypus. And at the same time as trying to find a really good company for wedding marquee hire near Melbourne! Yes, that sounds random, but I think this dividing of focus is what’s causing my connection…issues. My sister is way too busy to take on 100% of her wedding preparation, so I’m looking for a really nice wedding marquee that can comfortably shelter fifty to sixty people and still leave room for a dancing space. And a DJ. I also need to find a DJ.

I’m so honoured to be hand-picked for the advanced martial arts class; there are only five of us. I know I’m connected to my inner platypus, because that was one of the criteria of entry, but it’s the other parts I’m struggling with. Balancing my time and meditation.

I spoke to Master Tiger Sun about it, and he was very understanding. He said that life’s concerns cannot simply be brushed away; we are beholden to our own needs and to the needs of others. The true way is to bind the spiritual with the physical, so he said. Take this search for the very best marquee hire in Melbourne and find the spiritual seed.

I suppose…this marquee will bring happiness to my sister. I am seeking a physical manifestation of happiness, on a day of happiness, which is a solid concept upon which to dwell and meditate, as opposed to the stress of the search.

Wow, that’s amazing! I’m almost ready to give the Ultraharmonic Platypus Push another go!