Info Hoarder

I can’t help being an information hoarder. I think it’s just the way I was born.

I vacuum up information like a cleaner of the vacuum persuasion then use none of it because I’m too busy vacuuming up other bits of information. I’m on my twenty-seventh night class, and I’ve utterly aced every single one. I even remember most of it as well, even if I’m never going to make an origami bird ever again, or host my own Japanese tea ceremony.

Or, as per my current class, carry out a commercial ute tray installation. Melbourne has plenty of tradespeople to do that sort of thing, and my actual job is financial consulting, so it’s probably not going to be relevant to my daily life, knowing how ute canopies work and all that. If it does turn out to be useful in some strange circumstances, then that’s super. Maybe I’ll swap careers at some point and have a leg-up. But if it never comes up again, I’m not bothered. It just matters that right now that I attend every class, take notes, ask questions and ace every single assessment, becoming the best in my class before moving onto another.

Maybe that’s a bit sad to some people, but I do remember the stuff I’m being taught. Most of the class are going to go out and sell or fix 4×4 aluminium ute canopies. I just see this as my hobby, and do all hobbies really need a point beyond enjoyment? Model trains don’t benefit society, but they’re enjoyable for some people, and no one criticises them

Currently I’m at the top of my class, of course. We just covered tapered under tray ute tool boxes, why they’re an essential part of any tradesperson’s arsenal, and how to keep them maintained in ship shape. If I ever get a ute one day, this will all be noted down.

For now, I’m just learning. Learning, and enjoying myself.