Modern Problems

Forget these horseless carriages! Quite silly how the youngsters let them rule their roads and streets is beyond me. True, even a horse with a great deal of training is liable to turn around and eat the rider if they are treated with cruelty, or are feeling hungry for something other than straw. Say what you will, they definitely run on time. I also miss the ability to command your method of transport to eat sugar cubes. First time I sat in a car I spent an hour trying to find that button, only to come to the depressing conclusion that they don’t have one. Cars do not eat sugar…at all. What a waste of metal.

I suppose the prevalence of mechanics softens the blow a little bit. There are many mechanics that offer car servicing around Ringwood to help you out if your horseless carriage becomes tired, or one of its strange circular legs becomes soft and pliable. 

I will admit finding ‘mechanics’ to service cars was almost impossible back in my day. Most cars from when I was a young man have been rusted over, and the people who know how to fix them are long gone. And they were terrible at keeping notes.

Modern cars, on the other hand, are far more known. They are a passion for many in this modern world, and a daily necessity for many others. I only bought a car so I could fit in; it’s what everyone at my workplace does, on account of the public transport system being foolish. That’s what they all say, so I assume that it’s true. 

No idea why they don’t just take the train, like we did when I was a child, although to be fair, it’s quite a different experience now. I’ll settle for having mechanic garages here in Ringwood, so my horseless carriage can be fixed when necessary. Oh, and apparently engine humming is fine? It’s just the ‘engine’ noise? I need to be careful about what I ask. Don’t want to arouse too much suspicion.