Mountains of Nappies

Until I became I parent, I never thought twice about the layout of my home. Well, I probably thought about it twice, or maybe even ten times, but still not a whole lot. Things like bench heights, closing mechanisms on cupboards, location of power points and durability of surfaces were really not on my radar. I’ll tell you what, though: they are now. 

That’s how I’ve found myself in the position of hunting down a custom laundry renovations company. Melbourne has a few, I’m told, and they can help me solve a little problem I like to call ‘toddler keeps climbing into the dryer’. If I’m lucky, they might even be able to work a bit of style into the daily hassle affectionately known as ‘mountains of cloth nappies’. It’s not that I mind washing them; it’s just that I miss having an aesthetic sensibility beyond plastic dolls, and collectable terry towelling. 

Anyway, that’s something new that I’d never imagined I might be contemplating. It’s not like renovations in general are that weird of a thing to me, my own parents having been deep into it when I was a kid. It’s just the notion of making over a laundry that’s strange to me; it’s always seemed like such a nothing kind of room. But I guess I’m starting to see that there’s a bit more to it. It’s just a matter of finding a designer who’s good for it.

I guess I could ask about Meryl’s kitchen designers. Around the Melbourne area, there’s no shortage of those, but you should see Meryl’s kitchen. She channelled every ounce of her competitive streak into that reno, including sourcing the best designer in town, and she might not be that keen to share her secrets… besides, they might not do laundries. Honestly, it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t – it’s all cabinetry and storage and functional fittings, isn’t it?

For the time being, I’ll just have to stick with the playpen fencing around the dryer.