Plumbing the Depths

LARP-ing enthusiasts have it rough, you know. The world has no understanding of our passions, and neither is it built for us. Here we are just innocently dressing up as characters from Bored of the Rings and looking for a dark castle to explore, or a hidden fairy vale, and how many of those are in Australia? There’s not even an honest-to-goodness great stone fortress or hidden mountain kingdom in which we may frolic. We have to use our imaginations, and it’s the worst. 

So that’s why we had to call the companies doing sewer replacement. Melbourne has a lot of sewers you see, and when our group wants to pretend we’re making our way through an ancient mine full of evil giant spiders and troll-goblins, that’s usually where we choose. It smells foul, but obviously, that’s just the natural musk of the troll-goblin. We make our way through the sewer, fighting savage monsters, but the other day we found an obstacle we could not overcome with our sword and magic might. And that…was a genuine blockage. It was more horrible than any beast we have yet faced, so I won’t describe it, but just know that it was enough to cause great projectile illness in many of our battle-hardened company.

Calling the drain and sewer unblocking people was fun, though, as was explaining to them why we were there. They didn’t seem to believe us, so maybe they get a lot of people just poking around the sewers because they’re bored, or because they want to avoid the morning foot traffic. I’m guessing a lot of those people become lost and must be rescued, which can’t be a fun job on top of doing actual sewer repair. 

Anyway, I’m undecided on whether I want to take the LARP-ing group back there. On the one hand, it looks like the companies in Melbourne for sewer repair have this stuff sorted, and it was not a pleasant smell. But on the other hand…authenticity. Abandoned dwarven mines really are hard to come by, you know.