Removing feature wall

Does anyone else remember in the early 2000s when everyone was getting those God awful feature walls painted? You know, that tacky trend where one wall in every room of the house was painted a different colour? It appeared on one renovations show then suddenly it was the thing to do. I remember when I would go to friends or family houses and they all had a former white wall which was now a brushed deep purple. To top it off, everyone would paint it themselves so everyone had messy skirting boards that they were trying to keep guests away from. This isn’t me criticising other people, I was guilty of it too. In fact, every room in my house had a different colour feature wall. My son had a blue one, my daughter’s was pink, my bedroom was a deep red, and my living room was purple. I had no reason for it to be purple, my furniture is brown and pea coloured.

I’m not even going to bother doing another DIY job. I’d rather just pay the money to find some local painters who do cover-ups. I’m painting these dark colours white and I can’t trust myself to do it properly. I did consider doing it myself for a little while but after doing some research I found out that if you don’t do it properly you run the risk of the darker colour bleeding through or that wall being slightly darker than the other walls in the room. Gosh, there’s so much to know!

Maybe I’ll just get the painters to redo the whole room so I can start from fresh. If I’m hiring someone to do the job then I might as well make use of the interior painter. Melbourne has so many nice houses that made this exact same ‘trend-following’ boo-boo that I’m totally regretting. I tend to go to auctions for fun just to see what’s on the market and every house from a particular era has a feature wall…