Sewers and Sorcerers

Every week my mates and I get together for a game of ‘Keeps and Krakens’. Each Friday we get together with snacks and dice and spent a good four hours together, delving through dungeons or slaying dragons. My character is basically the plumber of our adventuring group since I play the healer class and spend most of my time fixing up the messes everyone else has made. At the moment we are in the middle of a dangerous dungeon filled with orcs and trolls. We always have a great time, relishing in our critical hits and weeping at difficult puzzles the Keep Master throws our way.

Usually, we have the game at my place, but we’ve been having some drainage issues lately, and decided it was best to go someplace else. Our only problem is that none of the other players can host. If only I could get someone today to fix my blocked sewer. Melbourne has plenty of shops for people to host games though, so maybe we can try one of those. I kind of just wish that I could summon my ‘Keeps and Krakens’ character to fix the dodgy drain, but I suppose that’s too much to ask for.

Actually, I am quite concerned about this drain. When the plumber comes around, I wouldn’t be surprised if they need a camera to look at it properly. I’d better make sure I get a plumber that does inspections with a drain camera, otherwise, I could be wasting money. I need to get it fixed by next week because I don’t want to be spending $20 an hour on a table for our game every week. Our downstairs lounge room is the perfect place to play. It’s got all my books and the perfect setup with maps and screens for our Keep Master to use. That’s why we always play at my place, and why this drain is such an issue.