Surprise Car

I want to tell my newest boyfriend that I think he’s great. I’ve been tossing around ideas for about a month now on what I should do to prove my love to him, and I think I’ve settled on buying him a new car. I come from a very wealthy family and I have a high paying job, so purchasing him a car is no big deal for me. I know it will be a big deal for him though, as he always complains about how old and bad his car is. 

The only issue I have with buying him a car is that I don’t know what type of car would be good for him. I think I’m going to have a chat with my local Fairfield mechanic about which type of car is good for a 30-something man. I would buy him a Mercedes like I have, but I don’t know if he’d accept that. He’s also a very proud man. I love him to pieces for it.

I just had a valuable conversation with my mechanic and he gave me some great recommendations. I’ve decided to go with the most expensive of the options, without spending so much money that my boyfriend would be embarrassed. It’s the perfect compromise. It’s also a car that I’d be happy to be driven around in, which is important. As a part of our conversation, I asked the mechanic if I could pay up front for my boyfriend’s next five car services. That way if he needs anything, including an emergency transmission service or something that catches him off guard, he will be in the clear.

I know money is tight for him so he can’t afford random big expenses, which is why I’d like to have all of them covered for him. The longer we’re together the more of his services I’ll pay for, which I will always be happy to do, because I think he’s great.