Total Show(er)-Off

Sadie’s getting a bit carried away with her renovation plans, if you ask me. I know she’s loaded now, but does that mean she needs a whirlpool Jacuzzi, a rainfall shower with built-in sound system and an infrared sauna? I’m just wondering if maybe she should… like, save some of that inheritance money for a rainy day. 

I guess every day will be a rainy day with that shower, and admittedly I can see the appeal. The one she’s looking at has an atomising function that basically turns the stream into a warm cloud, and the head is fitted with LEDs in luminous shades that you can voice-control (along with the sound system) using an app. I mean, what? 

What are your thoughts on these bathroom design features, Melbourne bathing nerds? Are these luxuries worth the expense, or are they mere embellishments? I guess what I mean is this: do people actually end up using them in the long term, or do they just sit there accumulating gross bathroom crud because they’re too high-barrier to use on a daily basis? You’d think they’d be designed to be user friendly, but you’d be surprised at how fussy these types of things can sometimes be. More often than not, you just want to get in and get out, not luxuriate for hours in high-tech heaven. 

In Sadie’s defence, she’s taking a more modest route with her proposed laundry renovations. I mean, there’s obviously a full suite of top-of-the-line appliances involved, but other than that it’s pretty much a standard laundry room. That’s probably just because there aren’t as many bells and whistles available for the laundry – at least, not ones that fun and glamorous. At best, you’d be looking at smart storage solutions, and maybe some kind of fold-out ironing table thing.

Anyway, I won’t deny that I’ll probably be paying Sadie’s house some visits if she does get all this stuff installed. Maybe I’ll even do my laundry there.