TV setup

We’ve recently moved house and have finally finished unpacking the last box. My gosh, this has been a tiring process, I think I need a holiday! I don’t want to have to move house ever again until I’m ready to retire. The last step in this process is arranging a TV mounting. Melbourne is a nice place though, I must admit. I was hesitant about moving here. I’ve always loved Sydney and never thought that much about Melbourne. I had been here for a holiday once when I was nineteen and just found this place too boring. If someone told me that I was going to one day live here I honestly would have never believed them. But now that it’s happened, I honestly wouldn’t want life to be any different. We have a lovely suburban home that is only twenty minutes by car or transport from the city, we have easy access to trains and trams, and are a ten-minute drive away from the beach. The roads here are also so much easier than in Sydney. Melbourne is a grid. It’s impossible to get lost. Sydney however, those roads don’t know where they’re leading themselves.

Although everything is all set up in the house, we still don’t know how to get the wifi booster extender to work. My children keep hassling me that they can’t watch videos online or play any games. For some reason, the internet isn’t powerful yet and won’t reach certain parts of the house. I know it’s a problem that will get fixed soon enough, but when you have two boys ages twelve and nine, this issue somehow signifies the end of the world.

My parents aren’t happy with the idea that we’ve moved to Melbourne. They’re Sydney-siders through and through and can’t understand why we’ve moved away. The thing is, my husband has received a really good job offer. We’ve kept it under wraps for now as we didn’t want to jinx anything during the move. Oh gosh, I better stop writing. My boys are calling me. I’ll add an update soon!