New Animation Job

A few months ago, I quit my job because they wouldn’t let me bring my fourteen dogs and two fish into work every day. This was frustrating for a number of reasons, but mainly because it meant I had no new income to feed and house my fourteen dogs and two fish. Maybe the restaurant industry wasn’t meant for me, after all.

This morning, I decided I’d had enough of unemployment. Surrounded by my pets, I sat down and started putting together a list of my skills to figure out which industry I should transfer to. Barely any time had passed before I realised my new life purpose was to spend time outside a video production company in Melbourne as a sign spinner. It was going to be my job to let the general public know that the company was filled with creatives. I’ve always been good with my hands and have been spinning things since I was a child. I even own a special pen that allows me to practice spinning! I understand digital production and how to bring customers to websites – the secret? Sign spinning. I was the perfect fit! I would be hired immediately! I just had to find the right agency…

After a quick search, I discovered a video animation company near me. I was initially drawn to them because their logo is a dog, however, after further research I found even more reasons to apply. Most of all, I felt like I would never be bored there, as the business offered a large variety of services that I could yell about to the general public, including both traditional video and corporate production. The services that appealed to me the most were the web video and animation work, as those were the areas I had decided I wanted to promote. This was it. I’d found my new job. All I had to do before applying was email the company to make sure their pet policy was up to scratch.