We’re building

It’s a super exciting time for me and my partner. It’s been a work in progress for quite some time, but we are finally in the home stretch of finishing building our dream home. He and I were renting for the first five years of our relationship, until one day we realised how much money we were spending on rent. We then calculated how much money we would be able to save if we both took a few years and lived with our parents. Now, I won’t say moving back into your parents’ house is easy after living away from them for half a decade, but one thing I will say is that it is a sure-fire easy way to save money. Moving back home meant both of us had minimal bills to pay now that we were no longer paying rent.

After a year of saving, we started speaking to a few luxury home builders near Mornington Peninsula to get a better idea of how much money we needed to put aside for our home. Sadly, the news was slightly grim and we were hit with the harsh reality that we needed to do more saving than just simply living at home if we wanted to build our dream house in the next year or so. This meant that we had to sacrifice movie nights at the cinema, fancy restaurant dates, and spontaneous moments of online shopping temptations. Cutting these things out of our lives was difficult, and certainly sucked away any form of escapism that was left while living in our parents’ homes, but it was a sure-fire way to save money fast.

We definitely had the best residential home developers working on our property because at no point did we have any moments of misunderstanding or concern with these buildings. They were so thorough with keeping us up to date with the entire building process. It’s because of them that we now have a fabulous home. As much as I’m excited for the home, I think I’m secretly just as excited to no longer be living at my parent’s house.