Windowless Room

My family and I just moved into an old house in a nice suburb. The house is quite different and not in a good way. We are planning to knock it down once the money from the sale of our old house comes through. I think that’ll be a couple of months. I hope it’s sooner because this house is creepy. I’m 16 and I have a younger sister who’s 11. She’s scared of the dark and has to sleep with her blinds open so that natural light flows through her room during the night. 

One of the many problems with this house is that there is a serious lack of windows.

I don’t know who owned this property before us, but they either couldn’t afford windows or they thrived in the dark. Seeing as windows are a staple in the average design of a home, I’m guessing it was the latter. The two smaller bedrooms are the worst in the house for natural lighting. My little sisters’ room has one small window in the top right hand corner. My room on the other hand, has no windows. It’s horrible. I absolutely did not want this room, but I had no choice. I couldn’t give my baby sister who’s scared of the dark the room without the window. I’m not a monster. So I’m battling the dark and unnatural light to spare her. 

I cannot wait until we knock down this house and I can ensure the window frame replacement. Melbourne rooms should all have at least three windows, it should be a law. I’m going to try and advocate for my bedroom to be on the corner of the house, so I can have windows on both outside walls and more sunlight than my eyes can handle.

You don’t realise how badly you need natural light until you’re totally stripped of it. I’ve been avoiding spending time in my room at all because it’s so clinical and unrelaxing. I had to study in my room the other day, and I kept daydreaming about double hung windows installation, and opening one of those recently installed windows to let fresh air in. 

I crave sunlight. 

Thank goodness that I’m not afraid of the dark.