A Grand Finale

Look, on a very visceral level, I did enjoy The Guise of Guy-Stalker. It was bold to end the entire Space Battles saga, all eight film, on a more tacit depiction of one man’s obsession with a legendary filmmaker, and all the disguises he dons to get close to him after the multiple restraining orders. The Empire vs Rebellion thing was played out and it was time for a change.

But they clearly established that the Director Pulpy-Zine was retired from filmmaking at the end of the original trilogy, and now, in the final movie they just bring him back? Why did he choose then to come out of retirement?

I wanted to discuss this with my mechanic, who’s well into Space Battles just like me, but then I had to drive all the way to town because the Bentleigh mechanics turned out to be the only ones who were open just before Christmas. Quite a drive, and on the way I thought of so many more questions. Like, when Cray finds that ship in the frozen tundra that just works after decades. Any mechanic or auto electrical expert who say it must have been in fits of giggles at that scene, because they don’t comment on it, at all. It’s just a vehicle sitting there in the elements for like twenty years, but nope, it’s fine! No brake repairs, no auto electrical work needed. Mechanics in that universe must be leaving the profession in droves, because ships literally last forever, with no maintenance.

Then here’s me in Melbourne, I take good care of my car, and I still have to drive to a mechanic in Bentleigh. 

Oh! Okay, so Pulpy-Zine is hiding out on a planet that you can’t get to, because it’s really cloudy. You need a special path-maker device, but then at the end of the movie, all the forces of the galaxy descend on Pulpy-Zine’s location (because they want his autograph) and they just…show up. All of them. No cloud interference. 

And there’s me, again, not making it to the auto electrical shop near Bentleigh because I got diverted by some roadworks. My sat-nav got confused, and I had to wait until after Christmas. Why is movie world so convenient, and real life so…not?