World of inconvenience

I just love inconveniences. After all, who doesn’t? There’s no better feeling than having your days disrupted with something totally unexpected and that’s going to make your life just that little bit harder. I live for it. For example, the other day I had to visit four different supermarkets to find a specific pasta sauce. Finally, I found just the pasta sauce I was looking for so I paid for it and drove back home. While driving I noticed my car was having some issues but I wasn’t too concerned about it as I was going to book a car service sometime over the next week. That was going to be the next inconvenience for me to look forward to!

On my drive home I caught every single red light and then to top it off my heater stopped working – just what you need on a five-degree winter day. Not that I care, I love shivering at a red traffic light, it’s just such an amazing feeling. Then there was a detour which was great news as I was looking forward to an additional twenty minutes to get home. I followed the extremely confusing detour and then my car decided to stall and then suddenly stop. Can you tell that this day instantly became my favourite day of all days? It was fantastic. I waited on the side of the road for two hours until I could get my car towed to the mechanic. Morayfield was still about an hour away and I couldn’t be towed in the car so I had to pay for an extremely expensive taxi to the mechanic. I was just lucky that I remembered to take my pasta sauce jar out of my car so I could make my dinner for the night. 

I then went home and opened my front door. The dogs came charging at me all excited to see me. The next thing I know, my pasta sauce jar smashes on the floor. Perfect! The most wonderful end to such a glorious day.