My first tattoo

I was that kid in high school who was always talking about tattoos I wanted to get. I’d already planned what I wanted to get and where. When I turned eighteen my parents threatened to kick me out if I even thought about getting a tattoo. Now I’m twenty-five and their rules have definitely relaxed. I think they were just worried that I’d get something silly that I’d regret and that would ruin my chances of getting a stable job. When I broached the tattoo discussion again they seemed rather relaxed about it. In all honesty, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t get my first tattoos when I was planning. Some of the ideas were horrible. I remember being adamant about getting two pythons on my back that would go down my spine intertwined together and then come forward over my hips. I also wanted bows on the back of my legs. Times have of course changed now and I’m looking for something more classy. Well, classy enough.

I’m really into neo-traditional art and have been searching for the best traditional tattooist. I think I might be in luck and have found one. As far as design, I’m thinking of potentially getting a pinup girl on my forearm. I’m not sure what I want her to be doing or wearing, but I do know I want a pinup girl. I guess the rest is quite open to the artist and what they think will suit me. I’m a trumpet player and love big band jazz, so I’m thinking maybe the girl can be an old fashioned trumpet player? As I said, I’m quite open as far as designs and I’d like to see what the tattooist comes up with.

I went to a tattoo roadshow to find a suitable tattooist. Brisbane frequently holds tattoo events and expos that I love attending. People also tend to get tattooed at these expos. I haven’t for the sole reason that I think I’d like my first tattoo to be more of an ‘event’ rather than a quick banger at an expo.