I Keep Snacking

I absolutely love food. It brings people together, it tastes delicious, it’s a science and it’s something fun to do. When I think about it, almost all of my plans for catching up with friends involve food. Maybe we’ll go out for brunch, or we’ll have a taco night or we’ll have some wine and a cheese platter. There’s so many options and they are all great. I often invite my friends over for dinner, and make them three courses of pure deliciousness. It takes me hours but it’s fine because I love it. I’ll pump the music and sing as loud as possible whilst stirring a pot and waiting for the food in the oven to cook. It’s just great.

My only problem with food however, is that I can’t stop snacking. 

Because food is so delicious and I love it so much, I always want to be around it. And honestly, even when I don’t want food I find myself in the pantry looking for an (un)healthy snack just because I seem to be addicted to it. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was actually eating healthy food. But every time I could choose to grab an apple, I grab a delicious slice of cheesecake instead. I need to invest in health snacks for weight loss, so that at least if I can’t stop snacking, I’ll be snacking on something healthy. I even take snacks to work with me. I share them of course, because they’re delicious and everyone loves food, but ahhhh… I’ve got to exercise some self control! Pun intended. 

Don’t get me wrong though, I do make healthy meals majority of the time. That isn’t my problem. I don’t need to subscribe, any time soon at least, to a weight loss food delivery service. Melbourne is a hub for food and culture, and I don’t want to miss out on that. I think if that happened then I would whip myself out of my snacking habit anyway, just because I love cooking so much and wouldn’t want to miss out on it by eating a pre-made meal.

Hopefully eating healthy snacks is alright. I’m a bit stressed about it. Time to curb my snacking habit.