Bathroom Hardware

My new bathroom is going to be epic. I’m in the midst of designing our new bathroom for when we renovate it in six months time. It’s going to be massive and feature a deep two person bath and a two person shower with dual shower heads. There will also be two basins so that my husband and I can get ready for work at the same time. It’ll be so nice to not have to wait for him to finish up in the bathroom before I can use it. It’ll be such a time saver. 

In addition to all the other luxurious features my bathroom will boast, I am adding a personal touch to my vanity, something that I have always wanted. The mirror of my vanity will be framed with the same lights you see in movies with famous people getting ready for their big performances. It’ll make me feel like a superstar every time I enter the bathroom. My husband said he’ll make it himself with electrical supplies. Cheltenham hardware stores apparently have everything we need for our bathroom renovation (which we’re doing ourselves with the help of a plumber), so my husband will buy all the products and we’ll get to work.

I wonder if he’d feel intimidated going into a Hampton hardware store, or if he’d rather keep close to home and go to our local one. It would be like going to a supermarket that you’ve never been in before and then all of a sudden you have to find all the food that you need but have no idea where anything is. I’m sure we all know that feeling and how it’s low key one of the most stressful situations possible.

I’m really looking forward to undertaking this project with my husband. I’m also very much looking forward to being able to use the bathroom without having to wait for my husband and looking glamorous in my new mirror. Exciting times.