The Heating Wars

My husband and I have very different ideas of when and how to use our heater. I am a naturally warm person, whereas my husband claims he’s cold blooded and is therefore always freezing. Every year from around May until the end of August, our household experiences what I like to refer to as “The Heating Wars”. I’m sure many households go through a similar phenomenon, where one person turns on the heater, and then the other turns it off and so on and so forth. If I had to make an estimate, our heater would be turned on and off at least four times every hour.

As you can imagine, this causes some problems. It’s disruptive to us both and whilst it used to be kind of funny, I now find myself wishing more and more that we could simultaneously run both heating & cooling. Sydney’s weather can be very temperamental, and seeing as we both respond to heat so differently, it would be awesome if we could heat one part of the house whilst cooling the other. I’m sure that this has been achieved before, but who knows if it could be achieved on our budget.

At the moment we have ducted gas heating. Sydney houses are usually designed to accommodate this style of heating because it’s so popular, but because of it, I can’t help feeling like I’m roasting every fifteen minutes. Seriously, I’m sitting here in shorts and a singlet and he’s dressed like an eskimo. We don’t even look like we live in the same country, let alone in the same house.

I love my husband a lot, but I’m getting tired of sitting outside all the time because it’s too hot inside. I hope we can find something that works for both of us because I really don’t want to endure another three months of “The Heating Wars”. It’s like living in a sauna.