Childproof Bathroom

We’re having twins! I can’t believe it! My husband and I have been trying for a baby for almost a year now and we can finally tell everyone that we’re having not one, but two children! We are over the moon and are so ready to start our family together. The day I found out was the best day of my life. We are having everyone over for dinner this weekend and we’re going to tell them then. They will all be ecstatic. I’m going to ask my family to recommend a good company for bathroom laundry renovations near Melbourne, because I want my house to be as child friendly as possible. My babies will be young for at least the next ten years and will need the safest possible environment to grow up in, so I’m going to get the plans started right away.

From what I understand, the bathroom, laundry and kitchen are the three most dangerous places for young children, so I’m going to need an expert to ensure their safety. Being a young Mum is daunting enough as it is, I would have way too much anxiety if I thought there was a chance my house wasn’t suitable for children. Heck, I even puppy-proofed my house when I got a dog. If something is under my care, it will be protected. 

Once again from what I understand, I’ll need a laundry and bathroom refurbishment, so that everything is a suitable height for both children and adults, and so that there aren’t any sharp corners anywhere. The last thing I want is for my baby to knock her (or his) head on the corner of something and need stitches. 

I know that taking these precautions won’t completely prevent my children getting hurt. I know that grazing their knees and bumping their heads is a part of growing up, but I want these to be my children’s mistakes, not mine.