Car AC Connection

My boyfriend is such a selfish person. He makes decisions all the time that affect both of us and he doesn’t even care about how it’ll impact me. He always says that he doesn’t want a relationship to hold him back, but relationships are about compromise. Not everyone can do exactly what they want whenever they want. If that’s what he wants then he should just be single. 

Anyway, he’s moving away from Adelaide at the end of the year. That’s in less than six months. He said he’s started saying his goodbyes to people he knows he’ll never see again, like the mechanic at the auto repair shop close to Adelaide. Apparently, he had to get an emergency wheel alignment service on his way to my house and knew he wouldn’t need another service before he makes his big move. And so he said goodbye.

He said that he won’t need to say goodbye to me for a long time and that he hopes it won’t be a goodbye because he wants us to stay together. That means he’s organised a long-distance relationship between the two of us without even consulting me! Isn’t that a bit crazy?

When I’m still living in Adelaide and he’s living wherever he is, we are going to feel very far away from each other. My only connection to him will be visiting all the places he used to visit. I’ll feel more connected to him when I get a car air conditioning service in the Adelaide area compared to when I actually get to talk to him on the phone. This is really unfair.

I know he’s planned for us to stay together, but I’m not sure that we will. I’m going to enjoy the next few months with him and then reassess when it’s time for him to go. I wish it wasn’t going to be this way, but he made his choice… without me.