Bad teeth genetic

It’s funny how certain things can be hereditary. For example, teeth. You’d think everyone would have teeth that are roughly the same and that’s that. For some reason, my teeth are super weak and in horrible condition. With age they have yellowed, there are little chips, and certain teeth ended up dying so had to be removed. I wouldn’t say I have the best oral hygiene practices in the world, but they’re definitely not bad. I brush my teeth morning and night for two minutes and use a mouthwash to rinse. I feel this is the bare minimum that is recommended for looking after your teeth, yet for some reason, there are others who do less and still have better teeth than me. Are dental implants painful? Because I’m starting to think this is something I may need to opt for. I think I’ve just been granted some bad luck in the teeth department that in return means my natural set of teeth are no good. Dental implants may be my only option to have a smile free of yellowed, chipped, or missing teeth.

I know dental implants will be a big procedure that will involve pulling out all my current teeth and screwing in false teeth, but I’ve seen the outcome in some photos and the result is absolutely beautiful. I’m on the hunt for a dentist. Bayside has one really good dentist for dental implants so I think I may contact them in the next week or so for a consultation. Before I do, I might have a word with my uncle first as he had dental implants put in a decade ago. I’m sure the method of getting dental implants has changed and improved with time but I think speaking to someone who has been through the procedure and lives with dental implants daily might help give me more insight on what to expect.