Margin Notes

Personally, I don’t get why this whole thing with the documentary is such a big deal. Patrice and Mariella can film us to their heart’s content, for all I care – it’s not like anyone’s going to watch the finished product anyway, even if the camera hire people do agree to help with post production. …

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Info Hoarder

I can’t help being an information hoarder. I think it’s just the way I was born. I vacuum up information like a cleaner of the vacuum persuasion then use none of it because I’m too busy vacuuming up other bits of information. I’m on my twenty-seventh night class, and I’ve utterly aced every single one. …

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Robots of Tomorrow

Absolutely cracking episode of Lizard’s Lair last night! Honestly, I’m not even mad anymore than it stole The Great Australian Trade-Off’s timeslot. Now I can watch them both, one after the other, for a truly amazing evening of entertainment. Of course, the star of the show was ‘RALPH’, or ‘Robotic Automated Lonely People Helper’. He’s …

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