Freezing and Unproductive

I am working right now and absolutely freezing. No joke, my teeth are chattering and my coworkers can hear it. I’m wearing a coat, two jumpers, a long sleeve top and a thermal, and I’m still cold. Our office is made of concrete and doesn’t retain any heat. To make matters worse, our heater doesn’t work! I’ve considered bringing in my own personal heater just because I can’t take it anymore. If my bosses don’t get the heater fixed soon, I’ll have to do it. Seriously our company has plenty of money, so it shouldn’t be this hard to invest in heating repairs. Canberra is a naturally cold place and everyone knows it. I’m going to go as far and say not having a working heater is a detriment to the wellbeing of myself and my coworkers.

I’ve addressed my concerns to all my higher ups, with little results. They all tell me that it will get done, that they’ve booked in a time to get our heater fixed, but it never happens. I know for a fact that they’re all cold too, so it seems ridiculous that they won’t get it repaired. I even had the genius idea of not only repairing our current heater, but installing more heaters as well! It makes complete sense to do so. Our office is huge, we need more than one heater.

During our last meeting I proposed that we employ a professional to install ducted heating. Canberra offices clearly need heating, and if something doesn’t get done about it I’m going to write to the government and demand that every office has the appropriate heating and cooling for the space.

I haven’t done any research on the state’s heating and cooling laws, but I’d be pretty shocked if there wasn’t some governing body out there that didn’t advocate for the right for employees to work in a comfortable climate. I am going to make it my mission to get our heaters working. This has gone too far.