Bad teeth genetic

It’s funny how certain things can be hereditary. For example, teeth. You’d think everyone would have teeth that are roughly the same and that’s that. For some reason, my teeth are super weak and in horrible condition. With age they have yellowed, there are little chips, and certain teeth ended up dying so had to …

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Keeping teeth clean

Crowded teeth can be so bad for our gums, it’s easy to not even realise that’s the case. Up until I had braces, my gums always looked really red. I thought that was normal in all honesty. I never really paid attention to other people’s gums so I just figured that everyone had bright red …

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Smash Mouth

Does anyone else remember that game we’d all play in primary school called ‘rounders’? Its existence had been totally erased from my memory until I was out with friends the other day and someone mentioned it. The more I think about the game, the more amusing it is. You literally just hit the ball and …

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