Local MMA Classes


Everyone get excited! We’re back for another year of Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition! Last year saw Alex Boxer win the highest award. It almost seems like it was meant to be, with her last name, doesn’t it Nath?

It sure does, Kath. But I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. You didn’t even introduce us! 

Oh, right you are, Nath. I’m Kath, your expert host. I’m a Khan 8 level in Muay Thai boxing, which is one of the most esteemed levels of Muay Thai in the country. I’m joined today by my co-host Nath, who is here to add some great commentary but doesn’t have any actual Muay Thai qualifications. So essentially, take everything he has to say with a grain of salt. 

Hey, come on, Kath! I’ve been commentating on Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition for the last ten years, I’d like to think I know my stuff!

Look, you may do Nath, but until you become a Khan 8 like me, you’ll never truly understand what it’s like to do local MMA classes, let alone compete at the highest level. I mean, do you even know how much preparation our competitors have gone through just to qualify for this week-long competition?

I do not, Kath, and frankly, I don’t care. I’m just here to comment on exactly what I see and how I see it. It helps that I don’t have that added knowledge because then I don’t offer up any biased opinions. I don’t feel sorry for competitors when they fail because I don’t know how much work has gone into their training. I’m the fairest commentator out there and I don’t appreciate you making it out that I’m not.

Woah, settle down Nath. You don’t need to overreact just because you’ve never done professional Brisbane boxing classes like myself or the competitors. We can’t all compete and train at the highest level.

God, I’m sick of you already, Kath.