Heating and Cooling

Selling CO Testers

Every day, I put on my cardboard signs like a poncho, grab my bell, a suitcase filled with a dozen carbon monoxide testing kits and take to the streets of Melbourne, warning people of the dangers within their very homes. Carbon monoxide is an invisible killer, like a monster in Goblins and Grottos or something …

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The Heating Wars

My husband and I have very different ideas of when and how to use our heater. I am a naturally warm person, whereas my husband claims he’s cold blooded and is therefore always freezing. Every year from around May until the end of August, our household experiences what I like to refer to as “The …

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Heating, IRL

I have to say, despite being pretty much the only kid in my school into Japanese animation, and thus forcing myself to love ALL Japanese animation, I was never into Cool-i-Oh. Even when the kids in my grade got into the officially licensed trading card game and started challenging each other to duels where they …

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